We are

Daniel Mikolajetz

Video Producer

Martin Hennrich

Production Manager

Radu Gota

Video Producer


is a creative video production agency in Berlin. We create modern and premium image videos, corporate videos, event videos, documentaries and industry videos. Our videos are impressive and creative visual storytelling tools for your corporate communications and advertising. We want to visualize our clients’ stories in emotional and catching videos for web, TV and advertising.

We support our clients with every step in the production process

Besides creating great video content we want to support our clients with every aspect of our expertise in video marketing. From the first conceptional scratch over the planning of critical use cases up to the final production process we consult and support every step to get the most out of every corporate video. It is quite important that a video is looking stylish and professional. But more important is it’s main purpose: reaching the target audiences. That’s why we don’t see ourselves just as suppliers, but as consultants. Because producing the best possible image videos and corporate videos for our clients is what we want to do.

No matter how big your video project is, MOVE Video Berlin is the perfect partner for it. We offer all video production services from short event videos about a workshop over livestreams and event documentaries up to professional image videos, commercials and corporate videos. For every project we individually set up the perfect team and equipment, no matter if we shoot in a studio, at your company or at the top of a mountain facing a snow storm (yes, we already did that).


Prenzlauer Allee 38

10405 Berlin

030 403 630 84 | office@movevideo.de